Barossa water investment grows jobs

Barossa water investment grows jobs

Barossa Valley vineyards will soon receive a significant boost – an extra three gigalitres (GL) of irrigation water a year - in a multi-million project helping the region’s wine industries grow and thrive.

SA Water is upgrading its infrastructure to provide more raw water to Barossa Infrastructure Ltd (BIL) – a scheme supplying more than 300 vineyards with approximately 450 connections - from the River Murray and Warren Reservoir, increasing capacity to 11GL per year.

SA Water’s Manager Business Solutions, Lynda Hamden says the project will give more wineries security of a future water supply, essential for consistent production of high quality grapes. “This is a great example of what can be achieved by all parties working together and collaborating from the outset,” says Ms Hamden.

State Government, through SA Water, is investing $11million in upgrading sections of two major pipelines and a pump station, with BIL contributing $7.4 million to the project. BIL are also spending an extra $13 million on their own infrastructure, including a new storage.

Paul Shanks, General Manager Barossa Infrastructure Ltd says the extra water is significant. “The additional supplementary irrigation water mainly to existing customers, assists in their business sustainability by drought-proofing and providing capacity for additional plantings,” he says.

The increased capacity is expected to be available by the end of 2018. 13 new full-time equivalent jobs have been created already through the SA Water upgrade, with another 34 expected when construction begins shortly. 84 permanent new vineyard jobs and 90 wine production roles are estimated to result from the initiative. 

BIL's water storage under construction 

Construction underway in April 2018 at BIL’s new 500ML water storage facility

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