Work Experience and Vocational Placements

Work Experience and Vocational Placements

SA Water recognises that work experience programs provide a crucial link between students and industry. These programs enable students to experience the core aspects of a particular job first-hand with industry leaders and to complete their course requirements. As such, SA Water endeavours to offer support to students who are interested in pursuing a career in the water industry by making work experience placements available to students where possible.

Please state on your Work Experience Application the discipline you are interested in (Engineering, Life Sciences Laboratory, Chemistry, IT, Finance). Please provide the following to support your application:

  • cover letter
  • current resume
  • a copy of your academic transcript (for TAFE and University students only)
  • confirmation via email of the exact duration dates and days of the week (if part-time) that you wish to undertake the placement
  • confirmation via email that you have spoken with your institution of study and confirmed their support of your placement for the time period you have specified

Your application will not be considered if any of the aforementioned criteria are not addressed.

For further information, please email

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