Tenders & Contracts

Tenders & Contracts

To help us achieve our outcomes, SA Water has a panel of suppliers and a register of contractors. All companies and contractors go through approval processes before they can work for us.

Available tenders

Our tenders are published at SA Tenders & Contracts. If you are interested in working with us, simply register with SA Tenders & Contracts to receive notice of new opportunities.

Our panels

We have nine different panels:

  1. Automation (SCADA and Control System integration and associated electrical services)
  2. Construction
  3. Engineering services
  4. Financial and audit services
  5. Project management services
  6. Contingent labour
  7. Small Works and Bitumen Services Panel
  8. Security Fencing Services
  9. Waste Water CCTV Services, Cleaning & Reporting

Automation Panel

Contractor Panel Reference
  • APC Integration
  • Atsys Pty Ltd
  • GPA Engineering
  • Logicamms (Central) Pty Ltd
  • SAGE Automation.

Construction Panel

Panel Reference Contractor

Tier 1

  • Fulton Hogan
  • Guidera O'Connor
  • Leed Engineering and Construction

Tier 2

  • Bardavcol
  • Camco SA
  • SEM Utilities.

Tier 3

  • Blu Built Constructions
  • EP Civil & Earthmoving
  • Fleurieu Civil
  • Fusco Constructions
  • Gambier Earth Movers
  • M & M Civil
  • Raymond Koczak Plumbing Services
  • Waternish Constuctions.


Panel Reference Contractor
  • GHD
  • Tonkin Consulting
  • WSP
  • SMEC

Financial & Audit Services

Panel Reference Contractor
  • BDO
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • Ernst & Young
  • Galpins
  • KPMG
  • PWC

Information Technology

Panel Reference Contractor
  • ASG
  • Capgemini
  • Chamonix
  • Dialog IT
  • DXC
  • Wipro

Contingent Labour

Panel Reference Contractor
  • Modis Pty Ltd
  • Careerlink
  • Hudson Global Resources (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Randstad Pty Ltd
  • Programmed Skilled Workforce
  • Talent International Pty Ltd.

Small Works and Bitumen Services Panel

Panel ReferenceContractor
    • AAA Asphalt
    • All Suburbs Bitumen
    • Birubi Australia
    • Blu Built Constructions
    • Bull Bros Earthmoving
    • DMK Engineering
    • Downer EDI Works
    • DSM Construction
    • EP Civil & Earthmoving
    • Fleurieu Civil
    • Fulton Hogan Industries
    • G.L. Hasler
    • Gambier Earth Movers
    • GK & J Johns Earthmoving
    • LAKA Earthmoving Contractors
    • M & M Civil
    • M A Skinner Contracting
    • Pro Bitumen
    • Raymond Koczak Plumbing Services
    • Riverland Earthmovers
    • Scherer Contractors
    • SMS Bitumen
    • Stoney Pinch Quarry & Earthmoving
    • Team Civil
    • West Coast Bitumen

Security Fencing Services

Panel ReferenceContractor
    • PLC Fencing
    • Fieldquip
    • A-G Security Group
    • IK and DJ James (formerly Fleurieu Fencing and Revegatation)
    • Town and Rural Fencing
    • Salisbury Fencing

Wastewater CCTV Services, Cleaning & Reporting

Panel ReferenceContractor
      • Plumbing and Pipeline Solutions (PPSSA)
      • GMA Waste Water Services Pty Ltd
      • Staewide Hydrojet

Other Information

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for each contract or preferred supplier agreement are forwarded to our suppliers as part of the bid invitation or contract establishment process.

On or after the award of the contract, in most cases a consolidated contract is provided. Where no specific conditions of contract are identified in our purchase order, then our standard terms and conditions as outlined below apply.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions DOCX, 120.96 KB

Accredited Contractors for land development

The Purpose of updating the Accredited Contractors List for land Development

By maintaining a list of accredited contractors for Land Development SA Water endeavor to provide assurance for both developers, SA Water and our Customers that all new infrastructure will be constructed safely and competently to our standards.

Scope of services

The accredited contractors for land development may carry out water, recycled water and/or sewer pipelaying and associated works per the SCM/WSCM Engineering Standards (red and blue book); this will be referred to as Category 1 accreditation.

There are more complex works, such as pump station installation, more specialist infrastructure and or other facilities, which are referred to as Category 2, 3 and 4 accreditation which will assist the Developers in selecting a contractor for these tasks.

Obligation of the Person Conducting the Business or Undertaking (PCBU)

This is not a pre-qualified list as there are a number of obligations under WHS and SA State business laws that the PCBU/Developer needs to ensure before commencing works with the selected contractor.

The list is to provide a reference point for PCBU/Developers for contractors who have demonstrated that they have the skills and capabilities to undertake construction and commissioning works of SA Water assets and infrastructure that meet the required SA Water Technical Standards.

SA Water make no guarantees or warranties as to the performance, commercial practices or financial status of these firms or individuals. Nor do we endorse any of the workmanship, or services offered by the firms or individuals listed.

It is a requirement that the PCBU/Developer undertake normal due diligence when selecting a contractor to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, best practice, the associated Land Development Agreement requirements such as work health and safety, technical standards, operational conditions and ethical conduct. Valid licences and insurance requirements are to be assessed prior to awarding a contract.

The following links contain documents with additional information in relation to Accredited Contractors for land Development

Accredited Contractors List for Land Development

Accredited Contractors for Land Development Categories

Guiding Principles for the Ongoing Management of the Accredited Contractors List for Land Development

Additional Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Accredited Contractors List for Land Development application

Accredited Contractors List Training Requirements

Contractor Management System

To meet Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws we have an online Contractor Management System (CMS) and compliance for all of our contractors. This is mandatory and ensures:

  • only qualified and compliant contractors work on our sites
  • our contractors are provided with important information about our WHS responsibilities and requirements, and our organisational values.

Contractors must demonstrate they have systems that are compliant with WHS legislation and can work safely alongside us helping to reduce the overall risk of injury. To do this the contracting company must answer a series of questions to become a pre-accredited contractor.

The CMS also provides an online corporate induction to ensure contractors and subcontractors are aware of our WHS requirements before arriving at a work site.

This system helps us create an efficient workplace and a safe working environment for everyone.

All contractors and subcontractors must show their SA Water Contractor Card before they start work at a site where we have influence and control. The SA Water Contractor Card is provided once contractor and subcontractor staff have successfully completed the corporate induction.
The online induction must be completed every two years.

If you have any questions please email CMSSupport@sawater.com.au. You can also access our Handbook for Contractors PDF, 1066.4 KB.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are contractors selected?

Contractor selection

We select contractors in accordance with the following key policy principles:

  • We work together with our customers, owner, regulators and stakeholders to be the water utility and business partner the community expects.
  • We have a culture where ethical behaviour is paramount and fraud and corruption is not tolerated.
  • We are accountable to all stakeholders for evidence-based decisions that consider risks and opportunities.
  • Our investment decisions are based on managing risk, opportunities, levels of service and whole of lifecycle cost.
  • We regularly monitor and report on our performance to provide accurate and timely information and instil confidence in what we do so that we can maintain or improve the quality of our services.
  • We have systematic and industry leading approaches that focuses on continuous improvement and innovation to manage quality across the business.

New product or service presentations

If you have a product or service that you think we may be interested in, please contact our Procurement Team via our Customer Contact Centre 1300 SA WATER (1300 729 283).

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