Understanding your summer water use bill

Understanding your summer water use bill

Following summer, ourr customers receive water bills that reflect a large proportion of their yearly water use. These bills are often higher than other bills. On average, 60-70 per cent of total residential water use is billed following summer.

There are many reasons water use can increase over the summer.

  • Higher water use in the garden
  • Did you establish new plants?
  • Did you keep your lawn green?
  • Did you use a dripper system regularly?
  • Evaporative air-conditioning
  • More frequent shower/bath use
  • Pool top-ups
  • Higher than usual summer temperatures
    (The BOM is reporting hotter/drier summers for the past two years.)

Other, non-seasonal, reasons for increased water use may include:

  • Extra people in the household
  • New appliances/fittings

It is important to realise that the more water you use, the more expensive it becomes. Water use is billed using a 3-tiered pricing system. See current pricing charges here.

Helpful hints

If you believe your bill does not accurately reflect your water use, you may have a leak on your property.

To test for leaks, see our “leak detection” page and video.

If you believe you have a leak, you will need to contact a licenced plumber.

You can also compare your daily average summer water use with the past 3 years. On the front page of your water bill, you will see a “Daily water use” chart.

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