Disconnect a service

Disconnect a service

If you no longer require a water connection, you can apply to have it disconnected.

A disconnection stops the flow of water into property and stop the discharge of sewerage from it.  Please note, a disconnection may only be requested by the landowner, and we will only disconnect your service if fulfilling your request or dealing with an emergency.

Fire service disconnections require quotations upon application for disconnecting.

A pre-laid recycled water connection cannot be disconnected but, if requested, we can lock the service off onsite. Should you wish to remove an existing recycled water meter, you can make an application and pay to remove the meter and install a service lock.

We will not disconnect a property where it is known, or suspected, that there are people living lawfully or unlawfully in the premises.

Note: if we do disconnect your water services and your property still abuts a water and/or sewer main, the relevant supply charge and/or rates on property value will still be payable by you.

This is outlined in our Standard Customer Contract as the availability charge, which the property owner pays for the services to be available to the property.