Fire connections

Fire connections

A fire service connection is a water connection for the sole purpose of firefighting.

Applying for a fire service connection follows the same process for water and sewerage connections. We assess your application and respond to you within 20 business days.

A site inspection is required for all fire service applications for us to determine whether a connection is available.

Requirements for your application

You must:

  1. Provide the results of a flow test and network analysis with your application to help us assess the availability of water supply and special conditions if required. The application form for these can be found here.
  2. Submit any associated special conditions or commentary.
  3. Submit both Metropolitan Fire Service boosted and non-boosted design flows and information on modes of operation.
  4. Pay any costs associated with reconnecting or installing new internal infrastructure to the connection
  5. Note - the operating demands when the service is operated must not damage our pipes or affect the services that we offer other customers.

Our liability and obligations

We do not accept liability for flow rates and water pressure that do not meet the minimum requirement of the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service or the Country Fire Service's specifications for maintenance and testing of essential safety provisions, or other planning and development related regulations.

We have no obligation to design, construct or maintain our  water supply network for firefighting purposes; this is the property owner’s responsibility. You can make an application by submitting an online form . It contains specific questions that help us assess your application according to your needs.

If you have further enquiries, we’re here to help. You can speak to our specialist Connections team by phoning 1300 650 951 or at We are  available 8:30am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

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