Trade and liquid hauled waste

Trade and liquid hauled waste

Trade waste

Trade waste is any used water and substances from commercial, industrial, business trade or manufacturing activities that are discharged to our sewerage system for removal and treatment. We accept trade waste into our sewers wherever possible, but to discharge trade waste, you must have authorisation and comply with the authorisation conditions.

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Liquid hauled waste

Liquid hauled waste is used water from industrial, commercial or domestic customers who are not connected to the sewerage network. It may also include some wastes not deemed appropriate for discharge to the sewerage network. This used water is delivered to one of our septic waste disposal stations by an approved liquid waste hauler.

It includes:

  • septic tank sludge
  • septic tank effluent
  • portable toilet contents
  • non-domestic sewage

One-off trade waste disposals also come under this category.

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Important documents

Trade waste discharge authorisation is required under Section 56 of the Water Industry Act 2012.

Our Restricted Wastewater Acceptance Framework tells you more about how we manage trade waste. It also includes information about authorisation compliance.

Information about contaminant concentrations is in the Restricted Wastewater Acceptance Standards. The standards also contain detail about other water characteristics we accept in our sewerage system.

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