Trade waste

Trade waste

Trade waste is complex and requires additional treatment compared with used water and substances created by household and general business activities.

Before discharging trade waste, you must apply for trade waste authorisation . This helps us manage treatment processes, maintain public and environmental health, and prevents damage to infrastructure and harm to our workers.

We remove, treat and dispose of trade waste from authorised dischargers where it is reasonable and practical for us to do so.

It is illegal to discharge unauthorised trade waste and doing so is in contravention of the WaterIndustry Act 2012 and penalties may apply.

To check if your business has discharge authorisation for your current activities, please call us on 7424 1336 during office hours.

If you do not have authorisation, you must cease discharging, apply for authorisation or use an alternative disposal method.

If new or altered activities are generating trade waste, you need to call us on 7424 1336 to update your authorisation before the altered trade waste is discharged.

Once-off trade waste disposal

Once-off trade waste disposal is managed as liquid hauled waste .

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