Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

We supply drinking water to a number of townships on Kangaroo Island. The island has two water supply systems: one provides drinking water from the Middle River Reservoir to Kingscote, Brownlow, Parndana and surrounding rural areas; the other provides drinking water to Penneshaw from a seawater desalination plant.

To ensure the water supply and supporting infrastructure can meet the current and identified future demands of the Kangaroo Island community, we reviewed and updated our Kangaroo Island Long-term Plan, with the new plan released in late 2018. The Plan reviews water security options in light of a number of major development aspirations for Kangaroo Island.

As part of the review, we:

  • updated the demand and supply projections
  • revisited options to increase supply
  • confirmed the preferred supply augmentation option
  • considered alternative augmentation options.

The updated Plan addresses current stakeholder issues and concerns, and provides a roadmap for how we will continue to service the Kangaroo Island community through to 2043.

Read the Kangaroo Island Long-term Plan Summary

Read the Kangaroo Island Long-term Plan

The review process

In October 2017 we started talking with the Kangaroo Island community, to get their input as we looked to update the Long-term Plan released in 2009.

The 2009 plan outlined how we would ensure Kangaroo Island had a secure water supply to meet increases in water demand over 25 years to 2034.

The Plan considered water supply and demand, and possible upgrade options for the future, with the aim to ensure demand could be met for both residential and commercial customers.

Our discussions with the Kangaroo Island community helped shape the new long-term water supply plan for the island. It balances fundamental water supply needs with priorities like economic growth, environmental protection and lifestyle.

Stakeholder engagement

In 2017 we started an engagement process to ensure stakeholders, including industry and community, had an opportunity to provide input into our decision making process about the security of water supply for Kangaroo Island.

There were two phases of engagement:

  1. Phase 1 saw the formation of a Reference Group comprising a wide range of Kangaroo Island representatives. This group met regularly on Kangaroo Island and actively informed us as we developed an updated long-term water supply plan for the island. The Reference Group worked with us to examine the various issues and opportunities proposed. The group also updated key stakeholders on the progress of the review and ensued we understood issues important to the Kangaroo Island community.
  2. Phase 2 included a series of drop-in sessions for two-way communication with the broader Kangaroo Island community. This was a chance to identify any additional issues and opportunities relating to the security of the water supply for Kangaroo Island. We met and spoke directly with more than 150 people at these sessions. Most people we spoke to thought the process, criteria and recommendation were fair and reasonable.

Reference Group