AWQC Rain Water and Bore Testing

AWQC Rain Water and Bore Testing

Do you know the quality of your drinking water?

We offer a comprehensive, but affordable, water testing service for your private rain water and bore supply. Our laboratory services, known as the Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC) conducts this service and provides comprehensive reports and analysis of your water.

Why test rain water and bore water?

Rain water tank systems provide very palatable water. However, they are particularly vulnerable to faecal pollution. Birds and other small animals, such as possums, leave their droppings on roofs and in gutters. These wash directly into the tank whenever there is a reasonable storm. Unless roofs, gutters and tanks are adequately maintained and cleaned, the quality of the water collected can become compromised.

When tanks are tested for contamination, they more often than not fail standard faecal pollution tests. In urban areas the presence of airborne contaminants (for example, lead from nearby industrial precincts) may make collected rainwater unsuitable for drinking. In addition, it is not uncommon to see elevated levels of certain metals in rainwater that originate from household pipes and roofing materials.

What do we test for?

Microbiological contaminants

Water in bores and tanks can sometimes be contaminated by micro-organisms from human, bird or animal faeces. Common sources include leaking septic tanks, sewerage drainage and animal droppings. The micro-organism tested (E.coli) will let us know if your water has been contaminated in this way.

Chemical contaminants

Rain Water: Chemical contaminants can be present in airborne dust. Sources include car exhaust fumes and agricultural/industrial chemical emissions. Lead based paints or flashing used on some older roofs may also flake off. All these contaminants can be washed from roofs into rainwater tanks. The common chemical contaminants in rainwater are iron, lead, zinc and copper. We will also test acidity or pH to provide you an idea of the general water quality.

Bores: The quality of bore water can vary widely depending on the quality of the groundwater that is its source. Common water quality problems include high salinity and high levels of nitrate or iron. Other heavy metals or volatile organic compounds may also be present possibly due to industrial contamination.

Collecting your sample

Due to the strict sampling and holding time requirements for microbiological sampling, it is recommended these water samples be collected by AWQC sampling staff only. You can contact the AWQC by email or by calling 1300 653 366.

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