Murray Bridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Relocation

Murray Bridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Relocation

Project Overview

SA Water has commenced construction of a new wastewater treatment plant for Murray Bridge.

The existing wastewater treatment plant is located south east of the Murray Bridge township adjacent to the River Murray. It was constructed in 1970. Since this time Murray Bridge has grown significantly and, with further population growth expected in coming years there is a need for additional wastewater (sewage) treatment capacity.

Construction activities at the new Brinkley plant site commenced in October 2018 and the new treatment plant is expected to begin operating in early 2020.

Wastewater treatment plant location

To help determine the most appropriate location, we considered a number of criteria, such as odour management, distance from urban areas, cost, water reuse opportunities and environmental/heritage conservation.

The chosen new wastewater treatment plant site is located approximately 10km south of the Murray Bridge township, set back from Pfeiffer Road opposite the Brinkley Waste and Recycling Facility.

What the infrastructure will include

  • New wastewater treatment facility
  • Underground pipelines connecting the new wastewater treatment plant and the Murray Bridge Township
  • New and upgraded pumping stations along the pipeline routes.

The current plant site has reached maximum capacity and the end of its design life. As a result, a new wastewater treatment plant is being constructed to accommodate the existing and proposed future urban growth of Murray Bridge on the western side of the River. The new facility will have treatment capacity of 4.6 million litres per day.

We will plan to decommission the existing treatment facility; with some new infrastructure (e.g. a pumping station) on the site to form part of the upgraded wastewater network. SA Water will work with the Murray Bridge community to develop a plan for the site which takes in to account visions for the riverfront.

SA Water has existing arrangements with current customers for the treated wastewater that is produced by the existing wastewater treatment plant. Any additional recycled water from the new wastewater treatment plant will be available for potential re-use opportunities in the future.

Odour and insect management

Modern wastewater treatment technology is very efficient at managing odour produced by wastewater treatment plants. Odour management systems are to be located wherever there is a potential for odour emissions. These consist of bio trickling filter and activated carbon tanks providing total removal efficiency of 99.95%.

There are no open water surfaces that are suitable for insects to breed as the storage tanks are lined and covered rather than in open lagoons.

A total land area of 207 hectares has been purchased to house the new wastewater treatment plant at Brinkley, including an additional buffer zone surrounding the site.

Environment and heritage impacts

Environmental and heritage values have been considered in the site selection process.

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been developed to address potential environment and heritage impacts associated with key construction activities. The EMP outlines minimum controls and monitoring responsibilities to ensure compliance with requirements of statutory /regulatory bodies.

Construction information

John Holland has been contracted to carry out the work on SA Water’s behalf.

Construction hours are Monday to Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 7:30m to 5:00pm.

Every effort will be made to keep construction impacts to a minimum. However, some changes and impacts relating to traffic, noise, dust, vegetation removal and temporary driveway restrictions may be experienced by neighbouring properties.

Affected residents and businesses will be provided advance notification and updated of works in the immediate area. We will continue working closely with the Rural City of Murray Bridge and other key stakeholders to coordinate activities.

Murray Bridge Water Treatment PLant Map

More information

If you have any queries or would like further information on the Murray Bridge wastewater treatment plant project, please contact us.

* Phone us on 1300 SAWATER

* Email us at

Our joint sustainability commitment policy can be read here.

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