Phase one Engagement

Phase one Engagement

Phase One Engagement

SA Water has finished Phase One of the engagement process. This included stakeholder briefings and community information sessions. 18 issues and opportunities were identified with the following themes:

  • Community health and wellbeing
  • Growing a local economy
  • A sustainable future
  • Confidence in Government processes and collaboration.

The majority of session participants viewed the following issues as important:

  • That native groundwater sources are secure for future use. This includes domestic supplies.
  • That surface flooding issues are not worsened.
  • That the current price of recycled water is not affected
  • That crops are not reduced due to recycled water quality
  • That the aquifer is secure from any long-term impacts

Potential criteria were also identified for above-ground or below-ground storage solutions. These generally related to water quality; approvals, licenses and monitoring and location.

Click here to read the full NAIS Phase One Stakeholder Engagement Report.

The NAIS Fact Sheet is available to read in English and Vietnamese.