Port Adelaide Wastewater Pump Station

Port Adelaide Wastewater Pump Station

Together with our contractors, South Australian company Waternish Constructions Pty Ltd, installation of the new odour management system at the Port Adelaide Wastewater Pump Station is nearing completion. 

Construction to install the new odour control system began earlier this year and is expected to be completed in December 2018 when the new system will be fully operational. There will be some site rehabilitation works that will be undertaken after this, however this should have minimal impact on local residents.

The new odour management system will use three stages of odour-control technology to provide a long-term, permanent solution to minimise odours from the natural by-products of sewage from the pump station. The successful solution is a proven approach that combines a biotrickling filter, biofilters and an activated carbon filter.

To ensure the new system, including the new bio-trickling filter and bio-filters, are operating as expected, mechanical commissioning of the new system will occur from Friday, 19 October 2018 through to early November 2018. Following this, performance testing will be undertaken to ensure the system is functioning correctly. The pump station’s existing back-up systems will remain operational to manage any odour emissions from the station until the new facility is permanently in place.

This upgrade will increase the site’s odour treatment capacity and deliver benefits for local residents now and into the future. The Port Adelaide Wastewater Pump Station is a vital facility serving over 30,000 homes and businesses in Adelaide’s western suburbs and we thank you for your patience during this important upgrade.

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress. If you require further information please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 SA WATER (1300 650 950) or visit sawater.com.au

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