Improved energy management for low and stable prices

Improved energy management for low and stable prices

It takes a lot of energy to treat and transport safe, clean drinking water and used water. That’s why we’re investing up to $304 million in solar generation and storage. Throughout 2019 and 2020, we’re installing 154 megawatts (MW) of new solar arrays and 34 megawatt hours of energy storage at up to 37 sites across the state.

This will help us move towards our ambitious - but within reach - goal of achieving zero net electricity costs from 2020. As one of the largest electricity users in South Australia, improving energy management will help us continue to provide reliable services and manage long-term prices for our customers.

This major state-wide investment builds upon an initial $10 million for up to 6 MW of solar panels at our treatment facilities in metropolitan Adelaide, with those arrays now in place at Hope Valley, Christies Beach and Glenelg.

A pilot project was also completed at our Crystal Brook Workshop in June 2018, with the installation of 100 kilowatts of solar PV and a 50 kilowatt hour battery storage system.

These projects complement a range of our other existing energy initiatives like biogas and hydroelectric generation, and trading as a market participant.

For further information, please read our Zero Cost Energy Future fact sheet

Happy Valley Reservoir Reserve

Our Happy Valley Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant is an important part of South Australia’s water supply system, with over 40 per cent of Adelaide currently supplied with water from Happy Valley. The plant currently consumes 8,500 to 10,000 Megawatt hours (MWH) of electricity per annum.

We want to ensure continued reliable services and low and stable prices for our customers. To do this, we are aiming to significantly reduce our energy costs by 2020. Planning has commenced to install approximately 10 MW of solar panels, about 30,000 panels, in the northern portion of the Happy Valley Reservoir Reserve, along Main South Road and Black Road.

We carried out extensive surveys of the Happy Valley Reservoir Reserve to locate the best area for the solar panels.  The preservation of native vegetation and the suitability of the land to avoid steep slopes were important factors in selecting the land. The chosen area is both relatively flat and free of native vegetation.

For more information, please read our Happy Valley Reservoir Reserve solar panel installation fact sheet

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