Alterations to your property

Alterations to your property

If you plan to build or do any alteration work on your property, you need to tell us if the work will impact on any SA Water services. You must notify us before work starts. If you are not sure whether it will impact on our services, please contact us.

As a guide, works that could impact SA Water services include:

  • building a new house
  • extending your home
  • building a shed, carport or swimming pool
  • landscaping work.

Your local council may also have approval requirements for alterations.

Dial Before You Dig

No matter the size of your project, advise Dial Before You Dig when and where you plan to dig. Whether your work is simple landscaping or complex drilling, contacting Dial Before You Dig is an important step.

When you contact Dial Before You Dig, organisations like SA Water are contacted. These utilities can tell you where pipes or cables are located.

Why should I call Dial Before You Dig?

If you accidentally damage a utility's underground services, you may face fines. If you damage SA Water infrastructure, you may also cause inconvenience and disruption to the rest of the community.

In some cases, especially with electrical cabling, you may even be placing lives in danger.

Dial Before You Dig is a free referral service

This service helps you locate underground utilities anywhere in Australia. Anyone can use the service. Some of those who would usually take advantage of the service include:

  • Utilities locators
  • Excavators
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Planners
  • Developers
  • Farmers
  • Land surveyors
  • Builders' contractors
  • Homeowners
  • Landscapers.

How long does it take to receive information from the service?

Most utilities provide plans within two working days.

More information and answers to questions can be found here.

How to contact Dial Before You Dig

Phone 1100 (free call).

Visit the Dial Before You Dig website.

Applications for building alteration

How do I notify SA Water of my water or sewer service alteration?

You must complete the Connection Application form and specify the alterations you will be undertaking. Please read this fact sheet for more information.

Do I need to submit a building plan?

If the service alterations include any construction work, you will need to submit a building plan.

What else do I need to include?

Your application must include all details and drawings. Where applicable, you need to submit a site plan indicating an easement alignment.

How long does the application process take?

Once we receive your application, it will be processed within 20 working days. Approval is subject to a number of conditions. During the process, we will assess the potential impact on water and sewer networks.

What are my backflow prevention requirements?

This fact sheet provides an overview of SA Water and customer obligations to protect the public water supply.

How do I move my meter?

You must complete the Connection Application form and specify where you need the meter moved to.

For more information about moving your meter, please contact us.

Demolishing a property

If you have a water or sewerage connection and are in the process of demolishing and rebuilding, you may request a temporary water meter removal for the period of 60 calendar days. You can do this by completing the Connection Application form and completing the Disconnection section.

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