Connect a new service

Connect a new service

At SA Water we connect:

  • drinking water services
  • recycled water services
  • sewerage services
  • fire services.

If you are in a commercial property, an apartment complex or have a larger residential property, you may need fire services. To find out, talk to your builder, plumber or engineer.

Do I need to connect?

You only need to connect if you are moving into a new property.

  • If you are moving into an existing property, and it has water and sewerage, you are already connected to the network. You will not need to apply for a connection. Your conveyancer will have advised us of the change of ownership and you can begin using the services. SA Water will commence billing you from the date of purchase of the property.
  • If you are building a house, check that your builder has applied for a new water and sewerage connection. If it is not part of the contract, you will need to apply for a new connection. See how to apply.

Connection fee

To connect to SA Water's network, you will need to pay a connection fee. The fee for a standard connection is determined by the type and size of water, sewerage or fire service you request. You can nominate the size of service you would like on your application form or we can advise you of the most suitable size.

If difficult construction conditions exist (such as existing services in the construction path, underground water, trees, rock or requirements for traffic management), the connection will be deemed non-standard and you will be required to pay all additional construction costs. The cost you will be required to pay will be set out in a fixed quotation provided in our offer to connect. Any financial quote provided will be valid for 60 calendar days from the date of issue.

Standard connection fees are listed in our Connection Fees by connection size.

Other charges

Mains extension

You may need to pay the costs of extending the network if our network does not currently abut your property. If this applies to you, you will be provided a quote as part of the assessment of your application.

Supply upgrades

If an upgrade to our existing supply network is required, you may need to pay the costs. For example, if SA Water's supply main or nearby pump station does not have the capacity to supply your requested service, we will give an estimate for the upgrade.

You can then decide whether to go ahead. If you choose to proceed, you will need to pay the cost of the upgrade.

How do I apply?

To request a new water, sewerage or fire service connection, complete the Connection Application form. Below is an outline of how the application process works.

1. Application assessment

Your application will be assessed for the types of connection you need. We will process your completed application within 20 business days.

If our mains need to be extended or upgraded to connect you, we will tell you that no connection is possible at this time. If requested, we can provide you an indication of costs to upgrade or extend the connection. However, the investigation will be at your cost. We will agree to costs with you prior to proceeding.

If difficult construction conditions exist, it becomes a 'non-standard' connection. When this happens, you must pay all extra construction costs.

'Difficult construction conditions' include, but are not limited to:

  • existing services in the construction path
  • underground water
  • geographical location
  • trees
  • rock
  • requirements for traffic management.

2.       Offer to connect

We will send you an offer to connect after your application has been assessed. The offer will include:

  • the type of service available
  • the required fees and charges payable for your type of connection
  • the construction program associated with the design and construction of your connection
  • any approvals you are required to obtain and any preconditions for SA Water to do the work
  • any post-construction requirements.

3.       Payment

You will receive an invoice with your offer to connect. This will set out the fees and charges payable and the payment methods. The invoice will be valid for 60 days. Full payment is needed before we start construction.

4.       Construction and connection

After you have paid your invoice, we aim to construct/activate your service within the following timeframes:

  • a standard water connection within 25 business days
  • a non-standard water connection within 35 business days
  • a standard sewerage connection within 30 business days
  • a non-standard sewerage connection within 50 business days.

Connection fact sheets

Water connections

Wastewater connections

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