Requirements for Vacuum Sewer Systems

Requirements for Vacuum Sewer Systems

A Vacuum Sewer System is an alternative method of sewage collection to the principally installed Gravity Sewer System.

Possible usage of a Vacuum Sewer System is subject to approval by SA Water.

The developer (or his consultant) is required to provide sufficient information to enable a proper assessment to be undertaken.

If approved, the WSAA Vacuum Sewerage Code of Australia (WSA 06-2008) is used as the basis for design and construction of a vacuum sewer system. SA Water has some additional requirements which are detailed in the SA Water Supplement to WSA 06-2008.

The WSAA drawings together with SA Water Drawing 4002-00002-01 cover the more detailed requirements and provide ‘deemed to comply’ solutions.

Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA)

  • Vacuum Sewerage Code of Australia - WSA 06-2008

Supplementary Documentation

Vacuum Sewer Drawings

  • WSA 06-2008 Construction Drawings
  • 4002-00002-01

Engineering Standards

Authorised Products

Links to these authorised products can be found on our Technical Standards page.

  • TS 0506 - Authorised Products for Vacuum Sewer Systems

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