It’s never too early to start teaching students about water. Where does it come from? How does it get to your house? Where does it go next? Our water experts can help you discover all this and more, see the details below about how we can work with you and your students.

Peek in The Well

Our water experts come to your classroom to lead a 45-60 minute session on topics including:

  • the water cycle and water efficiency - using water wisely and effectively
  • source to tap - how we get safe, clean drinking water to your taps at home
  • wastewater – what happens when water goes down the drain
  • water treatment - a more technical look at how we deliver safe, clean drinking water
  • recycled water – the environmental benefits of reusing treated wastewater
  • desalination - how we turn seawater into safe, clean drinking water.

These talks can be adapted to suit all year levels and the content can be tailored to fit specific learning outcomes being taught to your class. Presentations can be given to up 60 students, with an option to run multiple sessions on the same day at your school.
See available dates to secure one of our Peek in The Well experts.
Regional and remote schools can have local experts visit or to connect with our Adelaide-based team through live virtual presentations. Please contact for more information.

Sustainable Development Challenge - Years 5-6

Managing our water well is one of the biggest sustainability issues of our time. Challenge your students to explore the urban water supply and sustainability issues, while understanding how their individual actions impact the environment.

This workshop develops students’ thinking on the three pillars of sustainability and asks them to question their own actions before designing a sustainable town incorporating economic, social and environmental factors.

Tours - Years 5-6

*Please note, we are currently working to ensure our tours can be conducted in a COVID-Safe manner. If you book a tour of one of our sites, please be aware that we cannot currently guarantee your booking will go ahead, particularly if South Australia experiences a COVID-19 outbreak. Thank you for your understanding*

Young innovators and entrepreneurs program - Years 5-6

In today's complex and rapidly changing world today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders need to build and develop problem-solving, interactive and social skills, plus their critical and creative thinking.

Designed for years 6-12, our customised problem-based learning project uses design-thinking. It enables students in the young innovators and entrepreneurs program to develop their entrepreneurial skills to become resourceful, flexible, creative and successful in the future business environment.

For more information about how we can work with you and your school to create a tailored package, please contact us at

Water Education and Testing (WET) Kit - Years 5-6

The WET Kit gives students the opportunity to learn about different water sources from across South Australia and how they are managed and treated. Students will taste a variety of waters and dive into water aesthetics. Using the kit, students will also take part in basic water testing to see how water aesthetics are affected by the source. To secure your WET Kit, contact us at


Well Sourced

South Australian water pioneer Ima Scientist has accidentally unleashed a disaster: Sue Ridge. No one knows where Sue Ridge will strike and so the famous detective Phil Tration has been called into action. He needs a team of water savers to band together and join Treatment Incorporated to help track down the contaminated plans and stop Sue Ridge in her tracks. You have 90 minutes to find the clues and uncover the mystery to save South Australia’s water system. Good Luck!

This exciting and engaging workshop teaches students about the water treatment process.

At a glance
Suitable for: Years 6-7
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: SA Water House, Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga
Maximum capacity: one class per session, up to two sessions per day

Well Treated

Infamous crooked billionaire Richard Ransom is at it again. The power-hungry mogul has a dastardly plan to use his Water-Eraser-Laser (patent pending) to evaporate all South Australia’s water, forcing everyone to buy his bottled water. We can’t let this happen. So we’ve brought in our special team of water experts: you! Crack the code, disarm the Water-Eraser-Laser, and stop Richard Ransom’s greedy water-gorging plan. We need you to make sure the water treatment plant stays open for everyone.

This fun and engaging workshop teaches students about the wastewater treatment process.

At a glance
Suitable for: Years 6-7
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: SA Water House, Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga
Maximum capacity: one class per session, up to two sessions per day


Our free apps are fun and educational. Design your own desalination plant in Project Desal, ensure effective management our water supply in Operation Aqua, and swipe left and right to stop unwanted objects from going into the toilet in Let the Poo Thru.