Caring for your appliances and aquariums

Caring for your appliances and aquariums

The water we provide will be safe and reliable for drinking, but there may be some impacts for your household appliances and aquatic pets.

Caring for your household appliances

Apart from ensuring you’re using water efficiently in your home, there are things you might need to know about taking care of your household appliances. There are some appliances that require some extra attention.

We recommend you are familiar with the instruction manual of each of these, paying attention to any comments about water quality, particularly as it relates to water hardness, chlorine or naturally-occurring iron.

Appliances that may be impacted by water quality include:

  • Hot water services
  • Dishwashers
  • Steam irons
  • Kettles

Caring for your fish, aquariums or ponds

Chloraminated tap water must be neutralised before it is used in fish tanks, aquariums and ponds to protect your fish or other living aquatic creatures. This can be done using a product such as a water conditioner or a carbon filter. If you’re not sure, or you’d like specific advice on the most appropriate product for your situation, please contact your local pet shop or aquarium retailer.

Chloramine is made by combining ammonia and chlorine. While very small amounts of ammonia can sometimes be present naturally in fish tanks, the higher levels of ammonia through the use of chloramine to disinfect drinking water can be harmful to fish and aquatic amphibians, even at low levels.

If you have a fish tank or pond, any change from chlorinated to chloraminated water could affect your fish or other living aquatic creatures.  If you’d like to know whether your drinking water is chloraminated, head to our handy search tool.

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