Beetaloo Reservoir Reserve

Beetaloo Reservoir Reserve

Beetaloo Reservoir Reserve, nestled into the southern Flinders Ranges near Port Pirie, offers shore-based fishing and is currently stocked with golden perch, silver perch and Murray cod.

The reservoir was built between 1886 and 1890 to supply the Yorke Peninsula. The original plan was to build the new reservoir out of masonry. Eventually, after opening seven new quarries in an effort to find suitable stone, masonry was abandoned in favour of concrete.

Today, Beetaloo reservoir is an offline facility only, no longer supplying drinking water. It’s maintained only as an emergency water source in the unlikely event of a major failure of the Morgan-Whyalla pipeline.

We currently don't monitor this reservoir's volume.

Capacity: 3.18 gigalitres (that would fill more than 1,500 Olympic swimming pools)

Public access: Yes

Car park: Yes

Picnicking/BBQ: Yes

Cycling: No

Fishing: Yes

Wildlife/birdwatching: Yes

The Reservoir Reserves South Australia website has maps and ideas of how to enjoy Beetaloo Reservoir Reserve.

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