High rainfall

High rainfall

Managing supply during high rainfall

Throughout the year we manage water catchments, the water and wastewater network and treatment facilities to provide reliable services, including during storms and high rainfall events.

With the Australian Bureau of Meteorology forecasting higher than usual rainfall across South East Australia from October 2021 to December 2022, our people are managing our water catchments, reservoirs and network to maintain levels to make best use of rainfall as well as safely operate our infrastructure and protect the natural environment.

For detailed information on the climate outlook, visit the Bureau of Meteorology website.

So we’re ready for heavy rainfall events we:

  • Manage reservoir levels to minimise any impact to dam infrastructure, the environment and neighbouring communities.
  • Routinely test drinking water and have a standby capability to increase the frequency and adjust treatment as required.
  • Minimise blackwater events along the River Murray and other significant watercourses using sediment control structures.
  • Work with our customers to reduce stormwater infiltration into the wastewater system (rainfall should be directed to the stormwater, not wastewater network).

You can see reservoir levels here.