Community partnerships

Community partnerships

Applications for our 2022-23 Community Partnerships Program are now closed.

Our Community Partnerships Program is focused on supporting grassroots community events and projects run by not-for-profit organisations.

Projects and events we partner with need to have a clear link to water use and our vision of ‘delivering trusted water services for a sustainable and healthy South Australia’.

We want to partner with organisations who, like us, foster an inclusive culture where diversity of thought, background and experience are embraced and celebrated.

This program runs annually following the financial calendar year, and has a funding limit of $10,000 per partnership.


Applications must demonstrate delivery of the below key criteria:

  • alignment with our vision: Delivering trusted water services for a sustainable and healthy South Australia
  • South Australian: not-for-profit organisation delivering valued services to the South Australian community
  • program/event: benefits community members where the impact will be greatest
  • program/event: provides opportunities for SA Water to engage with the community
  • opportunities for staff engagement
  • the sponsored event or project falls within the period 1 July to 30 June each year.

What we won't support

While we welcome partnerships with a range of organisations, we do not accept applications for sponsorships that support:

  • individuals
  • any project, program or event related to gambling
  • events that promote the consumption of alcohol as its core activity (such as wine festivals)
  • organisations we are already engaged in a formal arrangement with, such as a Memorandum of Understanding or contractual agreement
  • projects, programs or events where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest with an existing partnership, business or sponsorship activity.

We are not able to make charitable donations or support projects that span multiple years or require recurrent funding.


All partnered programs and events will be required to provide a self evaluation upon completion of the event or initiative. If participating organisations are unable to deliver the agreed benefits or the evaluation is not provided within the required timeframe, the organisation may not be considered for future partnership opportunities. Legally binding agreements are in place for all Community Partnerships.

For more information

If you have any questions or require more information on our Community Partnerships Program, please contact us at

Murray Bridge Migrant Resource Centre

2019-20 Community Partnerships Program recipient - Murraylands Migrant Resource Centre

Lucindale Pool

2019-20 Community Partnerships Program recipient - Lucindale Community Economic Development Board

2022-23 partners

Bio R

Frahns Farm Watering Habitat

This project will provide a hydration system for a range of native seedlings creating a sustainable eco-system for animals and birds that are facing extinction due to habitat loss.

Blyth Primary School

Large-scale aquaponics set-up

Students will develop their understanding of growing plants and vegetables in a water-efficient way by establishing and maintaining an aquaponics set up.

Compass Catholic Community

Community Garden

Engaging the students in the creation of a community garden and incorporating education around water conservation for sustainable living.

Nangwarry Primary School

Community Garden

Installation of a 25000-litre rainwater tank, plumbing and irrigation, creating a sustainable watering system for the school’s community garden.

Port Elliot’s Town and Foreshore Improvement Association

Water-saving Garden Beds

10 garden beds will be established in Port Elliot’s community garden promoting sustainable water practises to the local community.

St Martin’s Lutheran College

Seasonal Urban Wetland

The wetland will utilise existing stormwater infrastructure and native vegetation plantings will be undertaken to improve the quality of stormwater entering the local ecosystem.

Uniting Country SA

Waterwise Sensory Garden

This project will create a sensory garden incorporating low water usage plants, an underground watering system and deep mulching and will encourage children to experience nature, using touch, smell and sight.

Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA

Feature Garden and the Horticulture Stage Program

Displaying a feature garden to educate and inspire the public to incorporate gardens in an urban environment creating a more biodiverse, cooler and liveable community.