Pirku-Itya (Reconciliation Partnerships Program)

Pirku-Itya (Reconciliation Partnerships Program)

Applications for 2022-23 Pirku-Itya (Reconciliation Partnerships Program) have now closed.

Pirku-itya is a Kaurna word meaning ‘for community’ and our program is focused on grassroots community events and projects run by not for profit organisations that contribute to reconciliation in South Australia.

Projects and events we partner with need to support stronger communities through reconciliation-based activities and have a clear link to water use and our vision of delivering trusted water services for a sustainable and healthy South Australia.

This program runs annually following the financial calendar year, and is part of our Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2020-23. Pirku-itya is available for organisations to apply for sponsorship of up to $10,000 per partnership.


Applicants must demonstrate:

  • they are a not for profit South Australian organisation that is Aboriginal owned and/or operated, or they have Aboriginal community relationships through involvement and outcomes that have a direct and positive impact for Aboriginal people
  • a clear link to reconciliation in action
  • how the sponsorship will create reconciliation opportunities in your community or your sphere of influence, and support communities to design and implement reconciliation-based activities
  • alignment with our vision: delivering trusted water services for a sustainable and healthy South Australia
  • The event/project is to be delivered by October 2023. Projects that span multiple years, or require recurrent funding are unable to be supported through this program.

What your organisation will need to cover

  • administration costs (including wages)
  • sitting fees
  • travel/or other costs associated with applying for this program.

Responsibilities for successful applications

  • entering into an agreement which includes a work plan and describes how and when the funding will be used and how the project will be implemented
  • completing the project activities as agreed in the work plan
  • ensuring activities are conducted in accordance with sound environmental and safety practices, and do not impact on environmental and cultural values
  • legally binding agreements are in place for all partnerships
  • proactively engaging SA Water in activities and events where appropriate
  • submitting photos, progress reports and being available for media interviews as requested
  • completion of the evaluation form at the end of the program or event.

What we don’t support

We do not accept applications for sponsorships that support:

  • individuals
  • any project, program or event related to gambling
  • events that promote the consumption of alcohol as its core activity (such as wine festivals)
  • organisations we are already engaged in a formal arrangement with, such as a Memorandum of Understanding or contractual agreement
  • projects, programs or events where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest with an existing partnership, business or sponsorship activity.

We are not able to make charitable donations or support projects that span multiple years or require recurrent funding.


All partnered programs and events will be required to provide a self-evaluation upon completion of the event or initiative. If participating organisations are unable to deliver the agreed benefits or the evaluation is not provided within the required timeframe, the organisation may not be considered for future partnership opportunities. Legally binding agreements are in place for all Reconciliation Partnerships.

For more information

If you have any questions or require more information on Pirku-Itya, please contact us at rappartnerships@sawater.com.au

Use of Kaurna language in this program has been provided and approved by Jack Buckskin - Chair of the Kaurna Language Committee

Successful applicants for our 2021-22 program included:

Neporendi Aboriginal Forum Inc

Southern Deadly Fun Run

This event provides a social, inclusive and fun environment focusing on reconciliation, celebration of culture, and acknowledging the strength of First Nations peoples. At each of the runs, First Nations community members present skills and experiences using singing, yidaki playing, storytelling, dancing or presenting Acknowledgement of Country in language.

Four local participants are also selected to run the National Deadly Fun Run around Uluru on Pitjantjatjara country with other runners selected from across Australia. This is a life-changing opportunity for participants to share and learn about other First Nations cultures from Elders.

Glossop High School/Regional Berri Secondary College

Aboriginal Cultural Garden

Created together with the community, the new garden will reflect Aboriginal culture of the past, present and future. The garden will provide a space for Aboriginal students, their families and the wider community to engage in cultural activities and sustainable practices that create pathways for educational and cultural opportunities in the spirit of reconciliation.

Point Pearce Aboriginal Corporation

Water Play in Point Pearce

The Point Pearce Aboriginal Corporation has identified there are limited opportunities for children in the community to engage with each other and with other families. This project is to install a water park and encourage children to play together and bring community togetherness using water which is recognised as a healing resource to the Point Pearce people