Water meter test application

Water meter test application

This is an application to SA Water to request testing of a water meter, in accordance with our contractual arrangements under the Water Industry Act 2012. The water meter may be tested on-site for accuracy or removed for independent testing at an off-site National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited facility.

Please note: SA Water will not accept applications for water meter testing from any party other than the owner of the property or a person authorised by the owner of the property. By submitting this application you acknowledge that you are the owner of the property or are authorised to submit this request on behalf of the owner. SA Water will provide all communications to the party who submits this application. It is the responsibility of that party to communicate with the owner/s or occupier/s of the property.

Fees apply for these services and will be charged against the customer account. Property tenants and occupiers who are not named as the account holder for the water supply for the property are required to obtain authority to charge the customer’s account.

A PDF version of this form is also available if your have difficulty submitting an online application. You can access these here:

Terms and conditions

This application is subject to the following terms and conditions:

• The registered owner, tenant or person in lawful occupation of the property must be the applicant. The person named as the customer for the SA Water account for the water supply to the property on which the meter is located must authorise the requested meter test fee to be raised to the SA Water customer account.
• This application form applies to above ground 20mm and 25mm meters only. Testing of larger or below ground meters will require a cost estimated by the Corporation.*
• The meter test service is only available to meters supplied by SA Water.
• The amount specified by you on this application will be debited to the Customer’s SA Water account.
• The applicant as the owner, tenant or lawful occupier of the property on which the meter is located grants permission for SA Water to enter the property to undertake the requested works.
• To cancel this application, SA Water must be advised in writing. If the service has not been performed, a refund will be made to the SA Water customer account. If the meter test service has been performed, a refund will not be made to the SA Water customer account.
• SA Water will only refund the meter test fee to the SA Water customer account should testing establish an accuracy error of more than 5% fast or slow as per SA Water’s Standard Customer Contract.
• Should the on-site accuracy meter test identify a fault with the meter, it will be replaced at no cost with a new meter.
• If a leak is detected within the customer’s pipework the meter test charge may still apply.
• If NATA approved testing is required, the water meter will be removed and replaced with a new meter. The replaced meter will not be returned to service.
• The location of the requested meter for testing must be accessible, clear of any physical obstructions such as; grass, weeds, gardens, trees or shrubs, fences, rubbish or any other obstruction that may prevent clear access to the meter.
• On-site meter accuracy testing will only be performed during business hours, Mon – Fri, 8:00am – 4:00pm, excluding public holidays.
• SA Water, its employees or agents will take reasonable care to perform this service. No liability is accepted for damage to customer pipework should it occur. The owner agrees to release SA Water from, and indemnify SA Water for, any liability or claim arising from the performance of this service.


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Meter test fee - 2020-21

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The information your provide in this form is subject to SA Water's Privacy Policy.

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