Sewerage prices

Sewerage prices

Sewerage charges relate to the cost of delivering sewerage services – collecting, transporting, treating, recycling and disposing of used water. Charges are based on the capital value of your property, which is set on an annual basis by the Valuer-General’s Office.

Increases to sewerage charges in 2022-23 will be capped at 3.2 per cent on average (subject to rounding). Property rates are set using 2022-23 property values determined by the Valuer-General’s Office.

Calculating your quarterly sewerage charge

Sewerage charges are formed by applying a rate in the dollar to the value of your property. This means the number of cents charged per $1000 of property value, subject to a minimum charge for 2022-23 of $75.85 per quarter.

To work out your sewerage charge, divide your property value by 1000. Then multiply that number by the rate that applies to you (using the rates below). To calculate an annual charge, multiply by four.

If the result is lower than the minimum charge, then the minimum charge of $75.85 per quarter or $303.40 annually will apply.

Quarterly rates per $1,000 of property value

Residential (metropolitan) $0.16525
Residential (country)* $0.2595
Non-residential/commercial (metropolitan) $0.2525
Non-residential/commercial (country)* 0.3925

*Country sewerage prices apply to properties within SA Water defined sewerage drainage areas.

Disputing the valuation of your property

To enquire about valuations set by the Valuer-General’s Office or to make an objection to your property valuation, please contact the State Valuation Office:

Post: Office of the Valuer-General, GPO Box 1354, Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: 1300 653 346 (during business hours of 9am–5pm Monday to Friday)

To object to your property valuation, you must do so within 60 days of the date of your first bill for the new financial year. There are conditions regarding this timeframe – refer to the State Valuation Office for full details.

Charges if you are not connected to the sewerage network

If your property can be connected to our sewerage network, you are billed a rating on abuttal charge. This is regardless of whether you use this service or not.

A rating on abuttal charge reflects the availability of the service should you or future owners choose to connect it to the property. The sewerage network has been designed to make this connection available, which adds value to your property.

How we set our sewerage prices

  • Water and sewerage prices are set together with the South Australian Government, and within the revenue caps regulated by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia.
  • When setting prices, we consider many factors including the cost to operate, maintain and improve how we deliver a reliable water supply, dependable sewerage service and increase the use of recycled water for community benefit.
  • The South Australian Government is committed to state-wide pricing and the principles outlined in the National Water Initiative.