Third party access to infrastructure

Third party access to infrastructure

Our third party access program makes our infrastructure available to your organisation. If your new project leads to new investment and jobs – and needs access to water and sewerage infrastructure – we encourage you to get in touch.

We pioneered third party water transportation services in Australia and have been transporting water for other businesses for nearly twenty years. We transport around 11 GL of water annually across the state and the volume transported is growing every year.

Contact us to discuss your proposal

To discuss technical feasibility, connection requirements and pricing, please email

Statutory access

South Australia’s  statutory third party access regime began on 1 July 2016. This provides a formal path for access proposals. It requires us to provide some information on application and it empowers the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) to oversee access arrangements. It also provides a conciliation and arbitration regime for the resolution of any disputes that may arise.

To use the statutory access regime, businesses and organisations will need to take full responsibility for water security, including purchasing their own water entitlements and allocations and managing any conditions or restrictions. Access tariffs under the statutory access regime are set according to a formula based on the gazetted statewide retail price for water, with some adjustments.

You are not obliged to apply for access under the statutory regime. The statutory regime is not intended to replace commercial negotiations but you have the legal right to use the statutory regime if you wish to do so.

To find out more, you can register your interest for statutory third party access.

Request for further information costs


Third party access – water/recycled water


Third party access – sewer


Third party alterations

Please direct all enquiries and requests for third party alterations to

Request for alterations must include the following information:

  • Contact name (including organisation, phone number and email)
  • Scope of works including clear identification of each clash with SA Water infrastructure and alterations required, for example,  levels of top and underside of stormwater pipe
  • Drawings should be submitted as a DWG file where possible. Please bind CAD/DWG files to enable full view and functionality
  • Proposed delivery dates for works, including earliest possible notification

Water Transportation Services for the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley and Clare Valley Regions

Schedule of charges – Off peak water transportation 2021-2022

Schedule of charges – Off peak water transportation 2022-2023

Schedule of charges – Clare Valley peak water transportation 2021-2022

Barossa Infrastructure Limited (BIL) water transportation 2021-2022

Barossa Infrastructure Limited (BIL) water transportation 2022-2023