Using smart meters at home



Using smart meters at home

Everything you need to get smart about your water use

Monitor your daily water use and be alerted to abnormal water use and potential leaks to the device of your choice.

How to get started

Once your smart meter is installed you will receive a welcome email from us with everything you need to get started.
Here's how to access your data:

Register for mySmartwater
Register here for a mySmartWater account. Then, add your property to your account. After a quick check at our end you'll receive an email approving your access to your property's water use information.
Set up your water use reports
Set up and manage weekly or monthly reports about your water use under ‘My Alerts’. These will show any potential leaks and abnormal water use on your property. Review, compare and analyse your peak water use on any given day or time.
Get alerts about suspected leaks
You can set up alerts (via SMS or email) to let you know if your water use limits are exceeding your expectations. Set up and manage your alerts under ‘My Alerts’.

You can find further instructions on how to register, add your property and create reports and alerts in our mySmartWater user guide.

High water use and potential leak alerts

Smart meters alert you to potential leaks and abnormal water use at your property. If you receive an alert and want to understand what caused it, there are a couple of steps you can take.

For higher than normal water use, take a look at your daily water use on your mySmartWater dashboard. Looking at your water use at different times of the day may remind you of different events or behaviours that may have increased your water use, such as topping up a pool, a new appliance or treating yourself to a longer than usual shower.

For suspected leaks, your first step is to identify where the leak might be. Tell-tale signs include:

Around the house
  • Damp, warped or discoloured walls, floorboards or carpets inside your home
  • Water pooling under the dishwasher or water damage to cupboards
  • A running toilet cistem - the most common type of leak
Around the garden
  • Patches of damp soil, paths (brickwork or concrete)
  • Greener than usual lawn/garden beds on your property
  • Drips on the side of your hot water system or evaporative air-condtioner

If you have identified a potential leak or abnormal water use at your home, follow the steps on finding a leak on your property page.

Smart meter faults


If you are not receiving smart meter data or you think there is a problem with the meter, let us know by calling us on 1300 SA WATER (1300 729 283). Our specialist team will help get your data running smoothly again.

If you think there may be a problem with your original meter (non-smart meter), you can report the problem using our online fault map or by calling 1300 SA WATER (1300 729 283).

We are also available on 1300 SA WATER (1300 729 283) if you have any questions.

Protecting your data

We take the management and collection of customer information very seriously. Rest assured the smart meter will only send us your water use information, not your personal information. Access to your account is protected by your account username and password that you’ll need to keep confidential. We have appropriate security measures in place to also ensure your water use data is protected. Find out more about our Privacy policy and Information Management.

We're here to help

Please get in touch if you have any questions or need assistance.

You can reach us on 1300 SA WATER (1300 729 283) Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5pm, or send us an email at