How we deliver your water services

How we deliver your water services

Whether it’s for fresh or for flush, we deliver water services to the people of South Australia. We are custodians of the state’s water networks, and more than $14 billion in state infrastructure, and are committed to providing excellent value for the services we provide.

Central to those networks are the major pipelines delivering water from the River Murray or recycled water back into the community. Wastewater facilities provide trusted sanitation services, and our water treatment plants provide a constant stream of safe, reliable drinking water to the state.

And our extensive monitoring and quality programs ensure that your drinking water is tested from source to tap.

But the strength of our business is more than just infrastructure and assets. We employ more than 1500 people and partner with more than 3000 service providers, businesses, suppliers and contractors - large and small to provide water and wastewater services across South Australia.

And we are committed to improving what we have and what we do, always taking care to innovate in a sustainable way to ensure we secure water for future generations of South Australians.