Networks and water treatment facilities

Networks and water treatment facilities

Each year we supply more than 220 billion litres of water to South Australians. Of all Australian water utilities, we have the longest water mains supply network at more than 27,000 kilometres. We also manage nearly 9,000 kilometres of sewerage mains and the longest recycled water network in the country, at more than 370 kilometres.

Facilities throughout metropolitan Adelaide

In metropolitan Adelaide, we deliver water to our customers through an interconnected system of pipes, water treatment plants and pump stations. This network is so flexible, that with a few adjustments, we can move large volumes of water from north to south or east to west of the city.

Our water treatment plants supply eight key areas in metropolitan Adelaide.

Facilities around regional South Australia

In regional parts of the state, each area's water main network has its own unique operational needs, based on where water is sourced from, the kind of treatment the water needs to be safe and clean, and the type of customers the water is supplied to and across how long of a distance.

Our water treatment plants supply 19 key areas across the state.